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Mastroprimiano is a registered trademark of the artist Nico Mastroprimiano,

who has made it his passion to produce his own sportswear series in addition to his extraordinary and above all unique art objects. These are made up of a basic and a limited series, which is specially created using the artist's impressions and travels and forms a special highlight of the Mastroprimiano brand. The sportswear is handmade using high-quality materials and partially adorned with crystals from a renowned manufacturer in Austria to highlight special areas of the series. Accentuated colors and high-quality textile prints refine the comfortable sportswear.

As each order is handmade, it is a product Made in Germany. Quality control is carried out by the artist himself until it is on its way to you. Due to these rigorous and non-machine finishing products, the sportswear may take a few days to make you happy. Nevertheless, the wearing comfort will show you why it is worth waiting a few days.